Whitehouse Baptist Church - The Lighthouse of Whitehouse, Florida
Affiliated with World Baptist Fellowship; World Baptist Fellowship Missions and Arlington Baptist College.
The Team That Leads Our Church Ministries:
Bronson Clemens
 - Pastor
Tim Petty -
Head Deacon
Roy Vaden
- Head Trustee
Mrs. Carol Crews
 - Treasurer
Mrs. Colleen Gamble
 - Secretary
Mrs. Millie Nordstrom
 - Supervisor of Food Functions
Robby Walton,  Ben Williamson
- Sound Technicians 
Rick Williamson
Video & DVD Productions 
J.P. & Carley Ellison
 - College/Career Ministry
James & Kim Evans
 - Youth Ministry
John & Jenna Lashley -
Junior High Awana Club
Justin & Stacey Merritt
 - Awana Club Commanders
Christine Agbuya
 - Children's Church Director
Cathy Hodgson & Yvette Jenkins
 - Nursery Directors
Our Deacons and Trustees: 
Tim Petty,  Coye Silcox, Clifton Gamble, Ken Miller, Roy Vaden, Buddy Legg, Larry Thomas
Roy Vaden, Tim Petty, Clifton Gamble, Justin Merritt 
Whitehouse Baptist Church Ministries include:
 Sunday School for all ages every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.
          Pastor's Adult Auditorium Class 
          Faith Class - Adults - Ken Miller, Teacher
          Cornerstone Class - Young Married Couples - Roy Vaden, Teacher
          Ladies Class - Mrs. Hazel Jefferson, Teacher
          College and Career Class - J.P. Ellison, Teacher
          Youth Junior and Senior High School - Rev. James Evans, Teacher
          Junior and Primary Classes by School Grade in Children's Building
           Nursery and Toddlers
     Worship Service at 10:45 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. every Sunday
     Prayer Meeting Wednesday nights at 7:00 p.m.
     Youth and AWANA Clubs at 6:30 p.m. ages Nursery to 12th.
Primary & Junior Ages:
Linda Parks
Jessie Williamson
Sandy Walton
Susie Williamson
AWANA Leaders:
Justin & Stacey Merritt
Christine Agbuya
Jessica Brown 
Tommy & Yvette Jenkins
John & Jenna Lashley   
Michelle Brown
Chris & Lori Pace
Linda Suan
Rhonda Thomas
Roy and Edith Vaden
Kellie Walton   
Sandy Walton
Susie Williamson
Jessie Williamson
Youth Leaders:
James & Kim Evans
Jimmy and Krystal Peacock 
Susan Petty
Justin & Danielle Sanders
Children's Church Leaders:
Christine Agbuya
Tommy & Yvette Jenkins 
John & Jenna Lashley
Roy & Edith Vaden
Danielle Sanders
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